Joan Roca

El Celler Can Roca (Spain)

He was just 9 years old when he decided to put on a cooking coat and help his mother in the family traditional restaurant. Nowadays he runs his own project along with his two brothers, Josep –sommelier- and Jordi – pastry chef. At El Celler de Can Roca the authentic creative triangle formed by the three Roca brothers, keeps on continuous researching committed to innovation and creativity, enhancing traditional flavors with cutting edge technics in an original balance.

Through a transversal vision of the creative process, his restaurant project dialogues both with science and peasants, technology and sensitivity, product and sensorial anthropology.

El Somni, the first multisensory gastro opera ever performed, involved the chef with more than 50 artists and sensory experts for a two years creative and experimental work.

Nowadays, the restaurant is leading a botanical research called Terra Animada that has catalogued over 3000 wild species for its recovery and reintroduction in gastronomy, aiming to educate society on nearby natural environment knowledge and awake ecological sensitivity by realizing its richness.

With the Cooking Tour Experience he has led, not just the first World Tour experience of a restaurant, but also a powerful culinary talent development program that has just started in Latin America this year and will have international continuity in next annual editions.

His deeply rooted educational vocation led him to be a lecturer for more than 20 years, being Honorary Doctor by UDG, and to collaborate in several national and international university programs as Science & Cooking lectures at Harvard. In 2015, the World Economic Forum invited him to join the annual discussions as a Cultural Leader.