Pedro Subijana

Euro-Toques (Spain)

Pedro Subijana was born in San Sebastián.

His father’s profession at that time was running a bakery. Upon finishing school he entered the School of Hospitality and Tourism in Madrid to then move to the Euromar school in Zarautz.

Pedro had the privilege of being the only student of Luis Irizar during a course. Later his classmates would be Ramón José Ramón Elizondo Roteta and many others. After completing his studies, finishing first in his class, he worked as a teacher at the school for some time. Since then, it has shaken the idea of founding a cooking school that taught at a university level.

His studies inspired the spirit of the Nouvelle Cuisine from France, Pedro Subijana, along with Juan Mari Arzak, led the culinary revolution that took place in the 70s, to give birth to the New Basque Cuisine. In 1979, they began to set the foundations of the new concept of Basque cuisine. Pedro was awarded the National Gastronomy Award for Best Chef. Three years later he received another important recognition, Gourmet Club Award for Best Chef of Spain.

He has since published 11 books of recipes and is currently planning the release of a new one. He is also involved in everything that has to do with the world of cooking, product, research and innovation. Pedro is on the Board of the Basque Culinary Center, it is one of his oldest projects, managed by Mondragón University.