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One billion people wake up hungry every day. The U.N. predicts our world population will grow from seven billion to over nine billion by 2050—and the world must produce 70 percent more food to keep pace. Our oceans can help address this challenge by providing a nutritious meal every day for 700 million people. But the oceans are in trouble. If we don’t take action, wild seafood may soon essentially disappear as a major food source for a hungry planet.

The world’s wild fish catch peaked in the 1980’s and has been headed downwards ever since thanks to overfishing and habitat destruction. The global fishing fleet is estimated to be 250 percent larger than needed to fish responsibly.

Fortunately, it is possible to reverse this trend by putting in place science-based fisheries management to stop overfishing, reduce bycatch and protect habitat in the 30 countries that produce and control over 90 percent of the world’s wild seafood.

Restoring ocean productivity is a manageable task, and Oceana has the tools needed to lead the global effort required to achieve it. The world’s most productive waters lie within the territory of a small number of sovereign nations : sixty-eight percent of the world’s wild seafood is caught in just 10 countries.

By campaigning for responsible fishing practices in key areas, Oceana has succeeded in setting catch limits, restricting bycatch, and preserving habitat around the world, supporting the growth of fisheries that can feed millions of hungry people. It’s a win for the oceans and the species that live in them, and a win for the growing number of people who can depend on wild fish as a part of their diet. Wild seafood requires minimal fresh water to produce, emits little carbon dioxide, doesn’t use up any arable land, and provides healthy, lean protein at a cost per pound lower than beef, chicken, lamb or pork.

Using smart, science-based strategies we can harness the extraordinary power of the ocean to feed us—if we save the oceans, we can help feed the world.
  • To promote opportunities for policy victories and to raise funds to support Oceana and its allies.
  • To share “The Perfect Protein” globally so that people from all over the world can engage in the campaign to save the world’s oceans.


20 high profile, influential chefs from the top rated restaurants in the world unite to help save the oceans and feed the world
We believe that these chefs can be leaders in the effort to make seafood and our fisheries more abundant through the adoption of science based fisheries policies
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  3. Adopt simple habits from the book for responsible fish consumption.

    Eat wild, little, local fish and lots of shellfish.